Bilko Automation SA is a Turkish manufacturer specialized on CNC numerical controllers and wireless radio networks. Since 1997, Bilko have been involved in several successful R&D projects and developed original products and solutions. To get familiar with Bilko products and partners that Bilko represents in Turkey please consider the short list below

Bilko's dedicated product sites

LYNCA CNC PC based open architecture general purpose multi axis CNC control unit
Thanks to its open system architecture, programmable HMI, and “C-based” fast PLC and motion control language, LYNCA-CNC represents an ideal CNC solution for customized multi-axis machines.
LYNCAD Customized CAD/CAM solution for Punch Presses, Laser and other Cutting Machines
LYNCAD is an original , performent and cost effective product.
LYNEST Customized CAD/CAM solution for Guillotine shears
Bilko developed the LYNEST CAD/CAM solution that is used to manage production of sheet metal parts using hydraulic guillotine shear machines. LYNEST is a very efficient tool to evaluate and optimize costs, generate the cutting sequences, CNC code for some controllers.

Web site of our Business Partners:

Cybelec SA CNC controllers for Hydraulic Press Brake and Guillotine shears
Since 1997, Bilko has been representing the CYBELEC SA company for Turkey, Balkans and Mid-East region. Thanks to its highly qualified sales, engineering team and service partners, Bilko supplies CYBELEC products, develop solutions, realize efficient, fast, competitive retrofits and after sales services.
Satel OY Radio Modems
Since 1998 Bilko Automation has been the exclusive distributor of SATEL Company, European leader in wireless radio network solutions. Bilko provides in this area radio network design services, realize site survey, necessary mast and antenna installation, commissioning works with a turn-key engagements. Over several years, Bilko realized in area in Turkey ,and abroad with its partners, several major successful projects.
Completech UHF/VHF telsiz antenleri
Since 2000 Bilko represents the finnish company CompleTech specialized in robust, durable, high quality UHF/VHF antennas.
Givi Misure Linear scales for Hydraulic Press Brake and Guillotine shears
Since 2000, Bilko represents in Turkey the Italian GIVI Misure Company well knows with the self aligned linear scales widely used in sheet metal working machines.
AMG SA. Modular Robot Arm Tooling for Hydraulic Press Lines
Since 2007 Bilko represents the AMG Industries Co specialized in modular robot arm tooling for hydraulic press lines. Bilko realized in this area several successful projects.

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