Bilko is founded in 1997 as a R&D research company with the objective of developing new real time system components for CNC and PLC systems and also of realizing turn-key application projects for special machines and process control. Among the products that Bilko developed since many years, one can mention the LYNCA-CNC, the LYNCAD 2D CAD/CAM software and the LYNEST 2D nesting software as well as the RMC modular motion and logic control units. 

Bilko is specialized in metal sheet working machine’s CNC control and CAD/CAM systems like for press brakes, shares, punch presses with many references. On request, Bilko R&D department develops specific CNC control systems including all the necessary HW equipments and the system SW. As the regional agent of CYBELEC Company, Bilko is supplying sales and efficient after sales services for press brake and shares numerical control units.

Besides the CNC activities, Bilko is also involved in robotics with robot arm manipulators. Bilko provides specific robot arms for car industries (stamping pres lines automation) for plastic injection, glass, wood, packaging industries, supplies engineering services and tooling solutions including various vacuum cups, sensors and vacuum systems.

The third activity area of Bilko concerns the RF data communications systems. This includes not only radio engineering with RF radio modems and specific antenna supply but also supplying armed tower or profile based antenna masts and related civil works. Bilko has also many references in this area. Beside the radio data communication systems Bilko is also manufacturing and supplying general purpose or specific telemetry and the telecontrol equipments. Bilko is one of the first Internet based industrial remote control application developing companies in Turkey. In that area Bilko is supplying very affordable dedicated turnkey remote control solutions for contractor companies.

Thanks to its highly specialized and motivated staff Bilko is growing not only in local but also in export markets. 

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