Why RF Data Modems?

Nowadays there exist systems that can ensure wireless communication by using many different technologies. So, why do RF data modems still provide more advantageous solutions?

» The Complete Independent Network and Reliability
The network is completely under your management and is not effected form any other environmental condition. Any changes on systems made by GSM or land operators or any failure do not affect your system. The system is completely independent and works by itself.

» Cost of Ownership
After system installation, frequency license fee (very few) is paid. System has no cost for communication except electric bill. Data lines can be used without a fee for years.

» Appropriate System Design against Weather and Other Challenging Circumstances
The system is designed by taking into account the needs and current conditions during the project phase. If bad weather conditions occur too much or there exist distorting factors, all these will be considered during the system design and required margins will be left. In this way, the system works in all circumstances without a cut.

» Effects on Social Events
When a social event happens, the crowd at a place grows or there is a natural disaster like earthquake, almost all the communication systems at that place halts or are cut. However, this may cause irreparable consequences for critical systems. RF data modem systems independent from all other communication systems, are never affected from these events and continue to work.

» Difference with Industrial Wi-Fi
The noise on Wi-Fi network affects the users. Due to the free license, there is a probability of another Wi-Fi network that affect your system. Wireless communication systems working on VHF and UHF work on frequencies assigned only them, as well as can communicate on low frequencies easier with farther points. There are also UHF data modem options working license free assigned on the UHF region. Thus, it is possible to use UHF frequencies without a fee.

» Power Consumption

Power consumption is very low and it can work 2 weeks with an automobile battery and constantly with a solar panel. However, if the electricity of GSM lines is cut because of storm, etc., the base station will stop working within an hour. Users have to wait for repair work in order to maintain to communicate.

Advantages brought to you by Bilko:

» Bilko offers turn-key projects with not only technology, but also a network design and even installation.
» Taking your particular circumstances into account, no matter how hard your conditions, we offer you a suitable system design. Thus, you have a system of continuous unaffected by your special statuses.

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