Since 1997 Bilko has been growing with services and activities in the following domains:

  1. CNC Motion Control Systems and CAD/CAM software
  2. RF Communication Networks with data modems and remote control and telemetry
  3. Vacuum generators and vacuum based lifting systems

Concerning those domains, Bilko is supplying either its own products or products of its business partners. Products supplied by Bilko are always reliable and high technology products. Bilko is not limited to the sales of those products but also provides requested engineering, application, integration, commissioning, training and field services. Bilko provided those turn-key services for many successful projects. Bilko provides also after sales and maintenance services related to the supported products.

Our business approach:
Bilko's production, agency and sales approach are based on customer satisfaction. With this in mind, Bilko provides deep technical support for all the supported products. The objective with the supported products is to increase the technology and competitiveness or efficiency of our customers. Bilko approaches every product and sales activity first from the technical frame. Bilko supports only products having worldwide reliability and technological advantages. With a competitive and affordable price policy Bilko's target is to supply customers like engineering companies and machine manufacturers. This requires long term supply and service partnership that Bilko is caring. Bilko supplies to its customers in a long term partnership relation, right technologies and solutions, with reliable products and an excellent field service.

CNC Development and Design services:
Bilko has a deep experience in dedicated CNC systems design. This includes specific Hardware and Software developments. Special machines requirements can be fully supported by Bilko. In this domain Bilko performed several successful projects for Turkish and foreign machine manufacturers. This activity has always been the key investment area for Bilko since its foundation.

Industrial Panel PC, RTU & Signal acquisition systems development services:
Another activity area of Bilko is the hardware development related to Industrial Panel PCs and Signal Acquisition and Processing projects. Bilko has a large experience in digital and analog signal acquisition and control cards development. Typically those modular cards interface with real-time control and supervisions systems using field buses with common protocols.

R&D experiences:
Bilko's R&D department has strong competences on the following domains:

Real Time:
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Multitasking and multiprocessin
  • Industrial Buses (Can, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet)
  • Sampling and signal processing

Automatic Control:
  • System modelling and control
  • Identification and Self tuning control
  • Advanced control algorithms
  • Optimisation and nesting algorithms,

Logic and Motion Control:
  • ISO codes and extensions
  • Motion language definition and compilers
  • Dedicated Cycle for special machines
  • Synchronous and parallel motion control
  • IEC 1131-3 standard
  • Motion and logic control interpreters
  • Debugger design

User interfaces and related technologies:
  • User libraries
  • Component based plug-in modules
  • Graphical and textual programming environments
  • Data base management
  • CAD systems and postprocessor design

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