LYNCA-CNC represents an ideal solution for machines that require customized solutions. For OEM applications, LYNCA CNC has all the necessary interfaces to create very quickly specific user interface pages and functionalities. LYNCA CNC is able to control various machines demanding speed, specific interpolation, including hydraulic and electrical drives.

LYNCA CNC Control System supports parallel cycle executions. It is developed with 'open system' architecture that makes it possible to apply this control system to multi station machines with several axes and input/outputs, including the loading, parallel machining and unloading systematics simultaneous control.

Software and hardware of the LYNCA-CNC Control System is developed by Bilko Computer Control and Automation Co (Istanbul) and TUNCELLI CCS (Switzerland).
General Properties
  • Power Consumption: 40W (with full load)

  • Temperature Range: 0 °C - +50 °C

  • Dimensions (mm):    PP 15T 326x404x126.5

                                  TT 80   171x404x45.5

                                  BP 10   80x404

  • Weight (g):             PP 15T  5500
                                 TT 80   1700
  • Electrical AC servo drives over CanBus,
  • Full range support for Voith Turbo HL ®,
  • Hydraulic units over CanBus,
  • Bosch-Rexroth ® Hydraulic direct control,
  • Schneider ® Hydraulic interface,
  • Pneumatic axis (analogue or digital),
  • EtherCAT support,
  • Any other new interfaces on request,
  • Unlimited program size,
  • Enhanced ISO G codes editor with parallel cycles support.

Code Simulation and Debugging
  • Offline Simulation with code debugger
  • Code execution with code debugger allowing break-points, real-time parameters state display and setting features.
  • Secure login and user management with user levels
  • Message journal
  • Multilanguage support
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Favourite program lists.
  • Integrated scope,
  • Flexible I/O signal configuration,
  • Advanced online help

PLC and HMI interfaces
  • Built-in PLC editor in C language,
  • Direct interface and synchronisation between PLC and G codes
  • HMI library for plug-in customization, allowing user access to PLC and motion codes parameters.

Intelligent UPS and power failure support
  • Direct interface with UPS, automatic shutdown (option)
  • Automatic resume from last G code after stop or power failure

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