LYNCA-PCS is the version of the LYNCA-CNC applied to the punch presses. LYNCA-PCS controls punch presses having fixed, rotational or turret type tool heads. In addition, with many specific user interfaces, LYNCA-PCS offers CAD/CAM programming advantages with the built-in specific 2D tool, multi-tool and part editors. Thanks to the integrated simulation and optimization functions -that run also off-line in a remote PC- it becomes very easy to manage the creation and the production of parts directly from the LYNCA-PCS environment.

LYNCA-PCS has also advanced 2D visualization tools for the display of running productions.

There are three types of implementation for punching machines:

Standard Models
- Fix head punching machines

Rotational Models
- Punching machines with rotational head

Turret Models
- Punching machines with turret head


Power Consumption 
40W (with full load)
Temperature Range 
0 °C - +50 °C
Dimensions (mm)

PP 15T 326x404x126.5

TT 80   171x404x45.5

BP 10   80x404 

Weight (g)

PP 15T  5500

TT 80   1700

Supported axis types
  • Electrical AC servo
  • Hydraulic axis (analogue or digital)
  • Pneumatic axis (analogue or digital)

Axis interfaces
  • X/Y table axis drive interface with CanOpen
  • C1 / C2 tool change axis with CanOpen protocol
  • EtherCAT support
  • External feeder/loader/unloader axis control
    (CanBus or digital with encoder or analogue type)

Hydraulic punch axis control interfaces
  • Full range support for Voith Turbo HL ® Hydraulic punch units over CanBus
  • Bosch-Rexroth ® Hydraulic direct control
  • Schneider ® Hydraulic interface
  • Any other new interfaces on request

  • Linear
  • 2D circular
  • Wheel tool interpolation
  • Marking tool interpolation

Tool Management
  • Tool programming using the built-in “Tool Editor”,
  • Multi-tool holder definitions with various tools and stations,
  • Unlimited “Toolset” and “Tool” configurations,
  • Tool parameters (forms, offset, type, forming/cutting, compensations, ..),
  • Upper and Lower Dead Points, speed, dwell times definitions,
  • Management of the active toolset mounted on the machine for each part,
  • Security check between the mounted and requested tools,
  • Wheel tool support,
  • Marking tools support,

Part Editor
  • Part programming using the pattern-based Part Editor,
  • New part creation “Wizard”.
  • Pattern based sequence and part programming,
  • Pattern library including : Point, Line, Rectangle, Matrix, Circular,
  • Arc punching patterns and Special “Corner Punching“ Pattern for cabinet manufacturing.
  • Pattern copy paste functions,
  • Graphical pattern translation, rotation, mirroring, ...
  • 2D Graphical cursor, pattern coordinates, pattern zoom in/out,
  • “Pattern Viewer” 2D graphical viewing support for pattern programming.
  • Punching or nibbling modes,
  • Various Micro-joint supports,
  • Automatic nibbling step calculation for each tool and pattern,
  • Panelising,
  • “Common Cut” support,
  • Writing support trough DXF,
  • Multi-clamp definitions,
  • Automatic clamp positioning and management,
  • Post Processor file support for editing code generation process,
  • Manual or automatic pattern execution order management,
  • Automatic NC code generation,

Safe and Intelligent Punching
  • Management of the punching head to work inside limited safety area,
  • Optimal Punching heads rotation when tool changes,
  • Scrap removal management.

Punch Viewer
  • Real time 2D graphical supervision when execution with “Punch Viewer”.

CAD/CAM Import interface
  • CAD CAM interface with Metalix©, Lyncad© and Lantek©,
  • DXF part import from any CAD software,
  • Ethernet and USB support for part and tool transfer,
  • Program and part execution context import / export.

Optimization and Nesting
  • Optimal trajectory generation,
  • Optimal punch head selection,
  • Panelising and Mirroring,
  • Repositioning with multi-clamps,
  • Automatic clamp position management,
  • Common cut support (optional),
  • Manual Nesting.
  • Punch Analyser for motion control fine tuning.

Simulation and Reporting
  • Part simulation with 2D viewer,
  • Production reporting based on timings, weights and tool usage,
  • Tool usage tracking (part based tool counting, daily tool counting etc.),
  • Step mode and no-punch modes support,
  • Detailed machine usage data logger.

Intelligent UPS and power failure support
  • Direct interface with UPS, automatic shutdown (option),
  • Automatic resume from last punch after stop or power failure.

General Properties
  • Unlimited program size,
  • ISO G codes editor with parallel cycles support,
  • Built-in Code debugger with break-points and variables displays features,
  • Built-in PLC editor in C language (optional),
  • HMI library for customization (optional),
  • Secure login and user management with user levels,
  • Message journal,
  • Multilanguage support,
  • Folder management for parts and tools,
  • Advanced search facilities,
  • Favourite program lists.
  • Integrated scope,
  • Flexible I/O signal configuration,
  • Advanced online help.

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