CYBELEC – ModEva RA Premium

CYBELEC – ModEva RA Premium
ModEva RA Premium is the most powerful Numerical Control on the market for bending applications, allowing you to handle your most complicated projects directly on the press brake by means of the most sophisticated functions.

ModEva RA Premium combines a modern and streamlined design with a high performance software whose advanced features allow the operator to efficiently complete his daily tasks.

With extensive import and export capacities, put together with complete solutions calculations and state of the art 3D-scene display, ModEva RA Premium will make the capacities if your press brake appear endless.

ModEva RA Premium results of a collaboration between Cybelec and Metamation.

Easy Operating

•    Intuitive touch screen interface.
•    Full 3D simulation.
•    Multiple view points while working.
•    Machine components can be individually made invisible for better job examination.
•    Automatic or interactive solutions for bending sequences, gauging, corner gauging, and tool mounting.
Better Bending
•    3D collision detection.
•    User defined table for bend deduction.
•    Creating Programs:
          On-screen finger profile drawing.
          3D models can be imported from PC-RA Premium or MetaBEND.
          Direct programming.
•    Tools:
          Imported from PC-RA Premium or MetaBEND.
          Created using parameters.
          Automatic tool station dimensioning and positioning.
          Tool mounts can be edited interactively.

•    Rapid solution computation.
•    Almost unlimited quantity of programs and sequences.
•    Windows XP Pro Compact for multitasking and file management.
•    Video-like bend simulation.
•    Importing DXF flat patterns with folding information.
•    Importing 3D models (MetaBEND, IGES).
•    Exporting computed flat patterns as DXF files.
•    Automatic tool shape selection.
•    Automatic tool station segmentation.
•    Delivered with major tool.


The PC RA Premium software bundled with each ModEva RA Premium numerical control provides the office operator with exactly the same programming possibilities as on ModEva RA Premium.

Results can be transferred to ModEva RA Premium.


Some Software Options
S-OFT-OPT08                   Message interpreter
S-OFT-OPT38                   Rear axes H1 and H2 (sheet support)
S-OFT-OPT42                   Conventional bending aids, AP1 to AP4
S-OFT-OPT52                   Front axes H3 and H4
S-OFT-OPT89                   Tandem management


Machine Options

Auxiliary panel for machine buttons
Support for external USB keyboard (the keyboard is not provided)
Earthing kit for size C rack
Earthing kit for size M rack
Interface card for Hoerbiger proportional valves
Voltage / current conversion module (0-10V → 0.25-0.5 / 0-2 A) for pressure and crowning valves
Voltage / current conversion module (±10V → ±50 mA, ±300 mA) for servo-valves
Cable, length 15 m with amplifier
Additional off-line software PC-RA Premium


Ordering Information

6 axes, Analog axis type, Compact Rack size PS type       
8 axes, Analog axis type, Medium Rack size PS type S-CNC-MA08PSRAP
8 axes, CANopen axis type, Compact Rack size PS type


Compact rack: 2, 4 or 6 axes, and up to 10 axes with NCX CANopen axis controller board
Medium rack: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 axes, and up to 18 axes with NCX CANopen axis controller board


15” TFT
41 keys
Resolution 1024x768
Touch screen
USB Port 1 x USB 2.0
Through the panel link
IP 54

2 cables RJ45 twisted pair category 6.
Cables 5 m or 10 m with Cybelec repeater.

Operating Conditions
Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius.
Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.                     
EC Directives
EC61131-2 type 1-3
Available Languages
English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Český, Türkçe, 中文, 台灣, Español,
Hrvatsko, Dansk, Magyar, Polski, Русский, Slovensko.


Windows© XP Pro Compact
AMD Fusion T40R – 1GHz
2 GB
16 GB flash
2 RS232 – 1 configurable, e.g. for Lazer Safe’s protection devices
2 PS/2 for mouse or keyboard input
1 RJ45 Ethernet for network
1 parallel port (printer)
1 STD VGA Screen output
Serial Port for PLC Yes, on NPU board. RS232 configurable to RS422 (Pilz).
NPU board
Analog Axes

2 per board           NMX, NSX boards, according to configuration and rack version.

                             Zout output impedance < 100 Ω , Zi load ≥ 10 kΩ

CAN Axes NCX boards         Depending on configuration and rack version.
Incremental Encoders

5V DC                  Line driver, complementary signals are mandatory.

Digital Inputs
32                         NIN boards, 24 VDC opto-coupled.
Digital Outputs 32                         NOT boards, 24 VDC "sources".
                             Max 2.5 A / output (NOT 204).
                             Max 6 A / board.
Analog Inputs
6                           NIN boards.
Depending on configuration 0-10, 0-24 VDC A/D 8 bits.
Analog Outputs
4                            NOT boards, 0-10 VDC (8 bits) for the auxiliary functions,
                              Zout output impedance < 100 Ω , Zi load ≥ 10 kΩ
Power Supply
24 VDC / max. 4A ± 15%.
Must be installed in an approved electric cabinet.
Operating Conditions
Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius.
Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.                             
EC Directives
Weight Rack version C: approx. 5 kg.
Rack version M: approx. 6 kg. Depending on equipment.
Rack version L: approx. 7 kg. Depending on equipment.

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