LYNCA-LCS is the version of the LYNCA-CNC applied to the laser cutting machines.
It consist of PP15T CNC UNIT (15” Touch screen) or PP19T CNC UNIT (19” Touch screen), TT80 Membrane Switch Keyboard (Membrane switch panel with 80 keys & 48 leds) and BP10 Button board.

General Features
  • Power Consumption        40W (with full load)
  • Temperature range         0 °C - +50 °C
  • Dimensions (mm)          PP 15T 326x404x126.5
                                       TT 80   171x404x45.5
                                       BP 10   80x404
  • Weight (g)                    PP 15T  5500
                                       TT 80   1700

Supported Axis Types
  • Electrical AC servo
  • Pneumatic axis (analogue or digital)

Axis Interfaces
  • X/Y table axis drive interface with CANOpen/EtherCAT,
  • External feeder/loader/unloader axis control (CanBus or digital with encoder or analogue type)

Laser Equipments
  • IPG Laser resonator
  • Precitec Laser cutting head

  • Linear
  • 2D circular
  • Gantry axis
  • Contour to contour motion options
  • Kinematic interpolation (User defined)

Software Features
  • Sheet recognition (Auto/Manual)
  • Kerf calculation
  • Automatic distance sensor calibration
  • Workspace transformation
  • Automatic resume from last position after failures
  • Online trajectory generation with accelaration jerk limitation
  • Technology database interface
  • Technology database override options

Intelligent UPS and power failure support
  • Direct interface with UPS, automatic shutdown (option)

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