CYBELEC – ModEva 15T-3D

CYBELEC – ModEva 15T-3D

ModEva 15T-3D numerical control is dedicated to press brakes with a 3D graphic display.

ModEva 15T is a sleek design numerical control, which can be adapted to simple as well as to sophisticated press-brakes, with up to 18 axes.

With its large 15" Touch Screen and single page programming, setting up the bending of a part is very easy, comfortable and requires very little time.

The software enables manufacturers to configure axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to their needs. It also allows quick and user friendly programming of simple boxes and similar 3D parts.

Direct import from most CAD/CAM systems.

ModEva 15T can manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, slave axes, etc.


Easy Operating


•    Its large 15" color Touch Screen makes programming more efficient and intuitive.
•    Quick set-up of the machine thanks to direct access to set-up.
•    Optional auxiliary panel for machine commands (push buttons, switches) ideally located under the keyboard.
Better Bending


•    The numerical control comes with off-line PC 1200 software to prepare production programs and check the feasibility of parts on a desktop computer.
•    Higher productivity thanks to easy and rapid modifications of existing products and fully featured correction page.
•    Display of error and warning messages on the console screen.




•    Can control up to 18 axes.
•    Multi-simulation capability with collision detection, definition of the tools and the position of the sheet between the tools, offering several solutions for optimal bending sequences.
•    Extended simulation criteria for better sheet management such as:
            -Minimum length against the operator.
            -Minimum return.
            -Maximum accuracy between two defined faces.
            -Minimum operator manipulation.
•    Windows XPe for multitasking and file management.
•    EC safety-cycle management.
•    Ethernet for workshop networking.
•    Management of sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, slave axes, etc.


ModEva 15T comes with PC-ModEva offline bending software. PC-ModEva software allows you to prepare your programs, calculate offers and check feasibility of the parts on your desktop computer.




Compact rack: 2, 4 or 6 axes, and up to 10 axes with NCX CANopen axis controller board.
Medium rack: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 axes, and up to 18 axes with NCX CANopen axis controller board.


Some Software Options

S-OFT-OPT08                   Message interpreter
S-OFT-OPT38                   Rear axes H1 and H2 (sheet support)
S-OFT-OPT42                   Conventional bending aids, AP1 to AP4
S-OFT-OPT52                   Front axes H3 and H4
S-OFT-OPT89                   Tandem management


Ordering Information


Compact Rack, 6 axes, 2D software     
Medium Rack, 8 axes with NLR board, 3D software       S-CNC-MA08PSN12
Medium Rack, 12 axes with NLR board, 3D software       S-CNC-MA12PSNE
15” TFT
41 keys
Resolution 1024x768
Touch screen
USB Port 1 x USB 2.0
Through the panel link
IP 54

2 cables RJ45 twisted pair category 6.
Cables 5 m or 10 m with Cybelec repeater.

Operating Conditions
Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius.
Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.                     
EC Directives
EC61131-2 type 1-3
Available Languages
English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Český, Türkçe, 中文, 台灣, Español,
Hrvatsko, Dansk, Magyar, Polski, Русский, Slovensko.


Windows© XP Embedded  (Windows© XP Pro Compact -optional)
AMD Geode LX 800  (AMD Fusion T40R – 1GHz -optional)
256 MB  (2 GB -optional)
4 GB flash  (16 GB flash -optional)
2 RS232 – 1 configurable, e.g. for Lazer Safe’s protection devices
2 PS/2 for mouse or keyboard input
1 RJ45 Ethernet for network
1 parallel port (printer)
1 STD VGA Screen output
NPU board
Analog Axes

2 per board           NMX, NSX boards, according to configuration and rack version.

                             Zout output impedance < 100 Ω , Zi load ≥ 10 kΩ

CAN Axes NCX boards         Depending on configuration and rack version.
Incremental Encoders

5V DC                  Line driver, complementary signals are mandatory.

Digital Inputs
32                         NIN boards, 24 VDC opto-coupled.
Digital Outputs 32                         NOT boards, 24 VDC "sources".
                             Max 2.5 A / output (NOT 204).
                             Max 6 A / board.
Analog Inputs
6                           NIN boards.
Depending on configuration 0-10, 0-24 VDC A/D 8 bits.
Analog Outputs
4                            NOT boards, 0-10 VDC (8 bits) for the auxiliary functions,
                              Zout output impedance < 100 Ω , Zi load ≥ 10 kΩ
Power Supply
24 VDC / max. 4A ± 15%.
Must be installed in an approved electric cabinet.
Operating Conditions
Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius.
Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.                             
EC Directives
Weight Rack version C: approx. 5 kg.
Rack version M: approx. 6 kg. Depending on equipment.
Rack version L: approx. 7 kg. Depending on equipment.

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