CYBELEC – ModEva Pac

CYBELEC – ModEva Pac

ModEva Pac is designed to control all types of press brakes.

ModEva Pac is a natural evolution of Cybelec's famous numerical controls. With a large 15" Touch Screen, a simplified keyboard with large keys and a 2D graphic software, it offers the operator a quick, convenient and more efficient interaction with his machine.

Integrated in a sleek design housing, this compact numerical control unit is available in 2 versions: 4 or 7 axes. It can optionally also be delivered as a robust panel.

Depending on the software installed, ModEva Pac will drive standard synchronized press brakes or more sophisticated ones with for instance bending aids.


The ModEva Pac is also fully compatible with our DNC 880S and 880 or DNC 80.


Easy Operating


•    2D parts drawable by hand with the TouchProfile function.
•    Intuitive and interactive programming.
•    Clear and visible field functions associated with color codes.
•    Complete programming of parts on a single page.
•    Quick set-up of the machine thanks to direct access to parameters.
•    Clearly and logically designed menus.
•    Easy access to basic functions by means of 5 object-oriented keys.
•    Aslant ergonomic design for rapid data input.
•    Keyboard with large keys.
•    Main machine commands (push buttons, switches) ideally located under the keyboard.
Better Bending


•    Delivered with PC-ModEva off-line software allowing parts programming on a desktop computer.
•    Higher productivity through easy and rapid modifications of existing products.
•    Extensive machine parameters allow very fine machine tuning.
•    Error and warning messages displayed on the console screen.




•    Graphic 2D display and simulation capability displaying optimal bending sequences, tools and position of the sheet between the tools.
•    Collision detection according to criteria defined by the operator:
        -- Minimum length against the operator.
        -- Minimum return.
        -- Maximum accuracy between two defined faces.
        -- Minimum operator manipulation.
•    Windows XPe for multitasking and file management.
•    EC safety-cycle management.
•    Easy communication:
        -- Windows networking through Ethernet (RJ45).
        -- Connection to external devices through USB port for software updating and data backup.
        -- Remote maintenance.
•    Almost unlimited quantity of programs and very high number of sequences.
•    Over 20 languages available


All ModEva Pac come with PC-ModEva offline software. This program allows you to prepare your programs, calculate offers and check the feasibility of parts in your office on a PC.




The NC always comes with a PS version, PC, P, PL mode are created by the OEM in the machine parameters.

ModEva Pac PS
For synchronized press brakes. 4 or 7 axes, 2 of them synchronized axes for the beam.

ModEva Pac PC
Like ModEva Pac PS, but for press brakes with mechanical (or hydraulic) stops and beam control by means of a linear encoder.

ModEva Pac P
Same as ModEva Pac PC, but without beam control by a linear encoder.

ModEva Pac PL
The PL version has been specifically developed for non-synchronized press brakes with hydraulic/electrical stops, but whose beam cycle is entirely controlled by the DNC by means of a linear encoder.


Some Software Options

S-OFT-OPT08                   Message interpreter
S-OFT-OPT38                   Rear axes H1 and H2 (sheet support)
S-OFT-OPT42                   Conventional bending aids, AP1 to AP4
S-OFT-OPT52                   Front axes H3 and H4
S-OFT-OPT89                   Tandem management




Interface card for Hoerbiger proportional valves
Voltage / current conversion module (0-10V → 0.25-0.5 / 0-2 A) for pressure and crowning valves
Voltage / current conversion module (±10V → ±50 mA, ±300 mA) for servo-valves


Ordering Information


4 axes in box version, white color             
4 axes in panel version      
7 axes in box version, white color S-MOD-PAC7PS/BW
7 axes in panel version
Keyboard Large keys easy to use with working gloves.
Screen 15 inch colour Touch Screen .
System Windows XP Embedded
CPU LX 800
RAM 256 MB (standard version).
Mass memory Compact Flash (1 GB).
Communication 3 USB 1.1 (2x external, 1x internal).
1 parallel (printer).
1 RS232.
1 RJ45 Ethernet
Axes High counting speed axes (250 KHz), with PID regulator and programmable resolution
Power supplies + 24 VDC ±10 %, 2A (~ 50W).
Power supplies for digital inputs/outputs + 24 VDC ±10 %
Incremental encoder inputs 5 VDC line drivers.
Digital inputs 16 optocoupled inputs. 24 VDC stabilized ±10 %.
Analog inputs 8 inputs 0-10 VDC.
Digital outputs 16 optocoupled outputs. 24 VDC, max. 0.3 A / output
Voltage outputs (axes) 4 or 7 outputs ± 10 VDC,
output impedance Zout = 100 Ω, load Zl ≥ 10 kΩ.
Analog voltage outputs (functions pressure, crowning or auxiliary functions) 2 outputs 0-10 VDC,
output impedance Zout = 100 Ω, load Zl ≥ 10 kΩ.
Temperature, pollution level, relative humidity and height during work Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius. *
Pollution level 2. Relative humidity (10 to 85% non condensing).
Max. height 2000 m.
Weight Approx. 5 kg (panel version), approx 15 kg (box version)
EC Directives IEC61131-2
Available languages English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands, Český, Türkçe, 中文, 台灣, Português (Brasil), Español, Dansk, Suomi, Ελληνικά, Magyar, 한국의, Polski, Русский, Svenska, Slovenski.

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