CybTouch 12PS

CybTouch 12PS

CybTouch 12 PS is intended specifically for synchronized press-brakes.

As the entire CybTouch numerical control range, CybTouch 12 PS features an intuitive touch screen user interface, offering a high integration of functions.
Thanks to its large keys, online help, user-friendly software and many automatic functions that constantly guide the operator, CybTouch 12 PS is as powerful as it is easy to use.

CybTouch 12 PS is integrated into a sleek and modern housing specially designed to be attached to a swiveling arm, or can optionally also be delivered as a robust panel.

Easy Operating

•    Large touchscreen, with vivid colors and high-contrast.
•    Hand drawing TouchProfile function.
•    Simple pages, clear display, large keys.
•    Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
•    Complete programming for efficient mass-production with multiple bends.
•    Easy single bends thanks to the EasyBend page.
•    Online help and interactive warning pop-up.
•    Comfortable wireless software updating and data back-up using PC or Notebook.
•    USB port for memory sticks.
•    Large selection of languages available.

Better Bending

•    Various automatic calculations of bend functions.
•    Bending sequences and programs can be memorized.
•    Angle, pressure and crowning management.
•    Easy manual movement.


•    4 axes control (Y1-Y2-X-R).
•    TouchProfile 2D graphic part creation with manual sequencing.
•    Bend allowance calculation.
•    Pressure – crowning calculation.
•    Modulable tools for each part or bend.
•    Punch depth calculation.
•    Angle and back gauge correction.
•    Delivered with PC-ModEva offline software.


CybTouch 12 comes with PC-ModEva offline software. This program allows you to prepare your programs, calculate offers and check the feasibility of parts in your office on a PC.




Automatic bend sequence (only for CybTouch 12).               
RFlink USB key for PC including CybTouchTools software



Ordering information


4 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R), 20 outputs in box version, white color                
4 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R), 20 outputs in box version, grey color S-CBT-124PSA20/BG
4 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R), 20 outputs in panel version S-CBT-124PSA20/P


NB, The emergency button is included in the delivery of the CybTouch 12.

12" color graphic CRT screen, 800 x 600 pixels with LED backlight control.
Work memory
System memory
2 GB Micro SD Card with firmware update via RFlink.
Cybelec RFlink (radio frequency link).
USB port (for memory stick only).
X – R Axes
• ± 10VDC                     management of AC/DC drives and motors.
• 0-10 VDC                    frequency converter for AC asynchronous motors.
• SP-SN-HS                   2 speeds mode.
• SP-SN 0-10 VDC        2 adjustable speeds.
inch/mm conversion.
Power supplies
• Numerical control:          stabilized + 24VDC -15% / + 20% 30W
• Digital inputs/outputs:    stabilized + 24VDC -15% / + 20%
Encoder inputs
4 encoders               5 VDC or 12 VDC* or 24 VDC* (* = external power
                                supply). Complementary signals are not necessary, but
Power supplies for encoders
5 VDC                    Supplied by CybTouch. Max. 250 mA for each encoder.
Digital inputs
16 inputs                Optocoupled.
Analog inputs
4 inputs                  0-10 VDC.
Digital outputs
20 outputs              Optocoupled and short circuit proof.
                               12 x 24 VDC source mode, max. 0.5 A.
                               8 x 24 VDC source mode, max. 3.0 A.
Possibility to configure twice the same output to double the current.
Analog outputs
6 analog outputs     ±10 VDC, Y1-Y2-X-R, pressure and crowning.
                               Impedance < 100 Ω, short circuit proof.
                               Load ≥ 2 kΩ (max 15 mA).
Reference voltage
10 VDC                  Impedance < 100 Ω, short circuit proof.
                               Load ≥ 2 kΩ (max 15 mA).
Operating conditions
Min. 5° Celsius, max. 45° Celsius.
Relative humidity 10 to 85% non-condensing.
EC Directives
Available languages
English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands, Český, Türkçe, 中文,
台灣, Português, Español, Polski, Pусский

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